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The law affects every aspect of our lives. When faced with legal matters, you need an experienced, passionate, results-oriented attorney. You need an attorney who cares about you  and your case and provides competent and affordable legal services. You need Quezada Law Group, PLLC.

At Quezada Law Group, PLLC, we understand the difficulty of dealing with legal matters. We know that the outcome of your case will affect you and your family for a lifetime.  Our firm represents a variety of clients in a broad range of legal matters, working hard to inspire confidence and obtain results. The Professional Problem Solvers, we advocate for the people and  are passionate about our clients.  Whether preparing an immigration case, defending a criminal charge or sealing a criminal record, filing an immigration petition, representing parties in an amicable or contested divorce, child custody or spousal support proceedings, probating a Will, we vigorously navigate the complexities of your case.

Quezada Law Group, PLLC utilizes every tool available to achieve results. Whether in the courtroom, mediation or arbitration, we fight for you!

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Quezada Law Group handles cases dealing with State and Federal law in Texas

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